Payment Processing

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Mercury’s mission is to provide tech-enabled services that help small-to-medium-sized merchants compete and thrive. Mercury works with thousands of resellers and developers to offer a comprehensive portfolio of integrated payment products and services that help control costs and increase revenue.

Payment processing your way

Get fast, reliable, and secure transactions with MercuryPay®, Mercury’s award-winning payment processing. Accept the most common payment types and card brands, and enjoy high reliability, speedy funding, promotional payment options, and instant transaction viewing. Unlike other processors that lock you into a particular payment solution, Mercury processing is built into many POS systems, which will likely include one that best meets your needs.

Bringing the next generation of stored value to Main Street

The Mercury StoreCard™ is a better way to pay. Reduce checkout times and reward your customers for every purchase they make at your business. With Mercury StoreCard, customers can: earn rewards, give gifts, and pay with their smart phone or with a plastic card, creating convenience and incentive to return more often. The Mercury StoreCard is a comprehensive payment card designed to help local merchants increase foot traffic and bring more value to every transaction.

Add promotional power to grow your business

Gift card service is easy with MercuryGift®. If you are already processing with Mercury, our comprehensive gift card service is already built into the POS system you use. Unlike other gift card products, MercuryGift offers unlimited free transactions for merchants who also process credit cards with Mercury, and a variety of affordable gift cards and merchandising materials to fit your budget.

When problems happen, fast resolution can save the day

Customer service is a promise we keep. Our frontline customer service team is available 24/7 to handle funding and credit card processing related requests, call routing, and other questions. Through proactive monitoring of our support team’s calls and performance, we continually identify and implement new processes to improve merchant services and customer satisfaction.