pci compliance

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The VendorSafe Solution

At VendorSafe Technologies, we understand the challenges you face when adding new payment methods, loyalty programs and other mobile programs into your already established network.

By allowing wireless capability without the proper security, you could be opening up your network to vulnerabilities that hackers can exploit.

To avoid a devastating data breach, while still taking advantage of every revenue building opportunity, you need a secure network foundation. How can you be sure your foundation is secure? Working with VendorSafe Technologies as your network security expert is the first step.

Using the best security practices available today, VendorSafe's Managed Network and Advanced Wireless solution offers a secure network foundation that allows you to provide the wireless environment you want, while protecting your network from hacker intrusion.

In addition to providing network infrastructure for advanced technology programs, VendorSafe also provides compliance services that help businesses achieve and maintain the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), while reducing total cost of ownership.

How It Works

Our solution works by deploying a managed firewall with the option of adding one or more state-of-the-art wireless access points to a network so that wireless Ethernet communication is enabled. VendorSafe will centrally manage and monitor your network for paramount security, while allowing you to remain focused on your business.

The VendorSafe Difference

With over twenty years of network security experience, VendorSafe is a leader in providing secure networks across widely distributed enterprises. Today, our primary focus is to provide secure networks and compliance services, such as Payment Card Industry Data Security Services (PCI DSS). These services not only protect you from a data breach, but also prepare networks for the evolution of tomorrow's technology.

  • 20+ Years Network Security Experience
  • ZERO Customer Data Breaches
  • Patented Solutions
  • Affordable Monthly Fees