NCR Cashier Screens


NCR RealPOS 5965RealPOS 5965

The NCR RealPOS Performance Touch Display maximizes store productivity and ensures the highest level of customer satisfaction. It is designed for a variety of retail environments with a robust capacitive touch technology, this display provides superior usability and accuracy. It provides increased resistance to common retail contaminants.





NCR RealPOS 5966RealPOS 5966

The NCR RealPOS Value Touch Display maximizes store productivity with a cost-effective touch solution. Designed and developed for retailers, the NCR RealPOS Value Touch Display includes integrated stereo speakers and an optional three-track magnetic stripe reader. The NCR RealPOS Value Touch Display is easy to use and designed to seamlessly integrate with current point-of-sale workstations.




NCR RealPOS DisplayRealPOS Display

Ergonomic Design

Designed and engineered for maximum readability with ergonomic design, the NCR RealPOS Displays offer attractive, yet unobtrusive, packaging for every retail establishment. The displays also simplify operator functions by supporting applications that use extensive lead-through instructions and graphical user interfaces such as icons.

Built Tough for Retail

The rigorous, real-world of retail puts strain on displays that run ten plus hours a day. Screens run non-stop and a daily average of five or more employees tap, punch, lean on and otherwise abuse POS displays and touch screens. With quality and reliability in mind, the NCR RealPOS Displays undergo comprehensive environmental and compatibility testing and is manufactured under strict NCR standards to provide you with confidence that your displays will keep working despite mishaps at the checkout.


NCR RealPOS DynaKeyRealPOS DynaKey

Innovative Interface

NCR RealPOS DynaKey is an innovative operator interface for point-of-sale (POS) terminals that can dramatically shorten training time for new employees, while increasing experienced user productivity.

Shorten Training Time

NCR designed the NCR RealPOS DynaKey to make it easy for users to confidently learn and become proficient at operating. The DynaKey leads employees through easy-to-use, ATM-like interactions - designed to work how employees think, instead of training employees to think like a computer.

Intuitive Design Instills Confidence

The NCR RealPOS DynaKey offers a proven design combined with a high resolution, 12.1" color LCD with thirty-five keys including: eight dynamic keys, POS function keys, a numeric keypad and receipt scrolling keys. The intuitive design helps store employees feel more confident during the checkout process and allows them to focus on customer interaction while minimizing mistakes.

The newest generation NCR RealPOS DynaKey leverages Powered Universal Serial Bus (USB) and Digital Visual Interface (DVI) connections that allow seamless integration to NCR RealPOS 80 and NCR RealPOS 80c terminals.