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HME is proud to present EOS | HD, a drive-thru headset system with the industry's newest advancement in sound quality — all-new HD Audio. HD Audio uses wideband technology and advanced noise reduction to create the clearest, most intelligible drive-thru headset on the market. By increasing intelligibility, EOS | HD provides a more understandable drive-thru conversation for improved order accuracy and speed of service.

  • Groundbreaking Wideband Technology: Innovative wideband technology expands the audio range of EOS | HD to include higher and lower voice frequencies than standard digital drive-thru headsets. The result is a remarkable 20% increase in intelligibility. With clearer, more intelligible speech comes faster speed of service, improved order accuracy, and greater profitability for your drive-thru.
  • Dramatic Inbound Noise Reduction: EOS | HD's innovate technology dramatically reduces noise from the drive-thru to help deliver greater order accuracy than ever before.
  • Revolutionary New Outbound Noise Reduction: Removing noise from inside the kitchen, EOS | HD provides clearer communication to the customer resulting in a better customer experience in your drive-thru.

Listen For Yourself

System 400 Audio (Analog)

ion|IQ Audio (Digital)

EOS|HD Audio (Digital HD Wideband)


NCR RealPOS 25Ion Iq Drive thru Headset System (ESPAÑOL)

HME is proud to present ION IQ—taking the drive-thru headset system beyond digital with groundbreaking, new sound enhancement technologies, restaurant management capabilities, and the smallest all-in-one headset ever.

  • Best Sound Quality: Featuring a highly directional microphone that isolates sound better and delivers superior clarity. Enhanced digital noise cancellation dramatically improves clarity and order accuracy.
  • NCR RealPOS 25Best Range: With an average coverage increase of 40–50%, ION IQ reaches into far areas of the parking lot, and resists dropouts and interference caused by stainless steel and walk-in coolers.
  • Durable Casing: Constructed with a grease and impact resistant plastic alloy resin to prevent brittling and cracking.
  • Backwards Compatible: The only system on the market with backwards digital compatibility. The ION IQ all-in-one headset and belt-pacs work with existing Wireless IQ base stations. The new ION IQ base station works with existing Odyssey IQ all-in-one headsets and Wireless IQ belt-pacs.

HME ZOOM Drive Thru Timers ZOOM Drive Thru Timer system

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More than a Drive-thru Timer

A profitable drive-thru requires speed, accuracy, and the ability to adapt to ever-changing conditions. That’s why HME, the world leader in drive-thru timer systems, created ZOOM.

Unlike most drive-thru timers, the ZOOM drive-thru timer provides complete visibility into your entire operation. Its intuitive, multi-color dashboard, HME ZOOM Drive Thru Timerscustomizable reports and network accessibility make managing your drive-thru easier than ever.

The ZOOM drive-thru timer system provides a real-time picture of your whole drive-thru, so managers and crew can instantly identify bottlenecks and take immediate action.