Select Electronics Kitchen Display Systems




Toshiba SurePOS 500NGenSXtm + TouchBartm


  • POS, PC and ECR Interface
  • Hi-Res Graphical Display
  • VESA Form Factor
  • Rugged Steel Enclosures
  • Touch Sensing Keypad


Toshiba SurePOS 500iPadSXtm


  • All-in-One KDS
  • POS, PC, and ECR Interface
  • Hi-Res Gaphical Display
  • Bumpbar Form Factor
  • Rugged Steel Enclosure


Toshiba SurePOS 500ChefXMLtm Hospitality Management Suite


  • Infinitely Configurable
  • Fine Dining / Quick Service
  • Flexible XML-Based Interface
  • Extensive POS Integrations
  • Powerful Management Tools