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NCR SelfServ 60Selfserv 60

The NCR SelfServ 60 is a versatile self service kiosk that enables you to impact the customer experience by making it fast and convenient to shop. The NCR SelfServ 60 self service kiosk helps to improve customer service while driving revenue and reducing operating costs.

Flexible for the point of decision

Research shows that 80% of purchase decisions are made in the store. With only three inches of depth and multiple mounting options, the NCR SelfServ 60 is flexible enough to be deployed virtually anywhere. This flexibility enables you to influence your customer at the point of decision.

Customizable for your brand

Your brand has appeal to your customers, and the kiosk should fit your brand. The NCR SelfServ 60 includes a customizable bezel to reflect your brand image and a variety of pedestals and mounting options to meet your needs.

Exceptional energy efficiency

The NCR SelfServ 60 supports green initiatives by offering scalable, energy-efficient processor options based on Intel® Core™ microarchitecture. The kiosk delivers high performance while consuming 60%less power than a standard PC and 17” monitor.

Proven reliability

NCR knows what it takes to design products that are ruggedized for the retail environment. The NCR SelfServ 60 incorporates the latest technology, such as using industrial PCI interconnects to increase reliability. Experience counts, and we have a lot of it, with over 600,000 self-service touchpoints installed globally.

Superior serviceability

Keeping your kiosk up and running is important for customer satisfaction. The NCR SelfServ 60 offers superior serviceability features, bundled with remote support capabilities to maximize availability.