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Motorola MC 75 HandheldFastLane

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Life in the fast lane

NCR FastLane combines NCR's leadership and expertise in self–service technology, bar code scanning and human factors design to create the most flexible self-checkout solution. The NCR FastLane solution offers a variety of unload and bagging options to accommodate any retail environment.

Customizable to meet your needs

NCR’s FastLane design offers several configurations to meet the needs of the retail location, including a one, two or three–and–a–half bag station or a take-away belt with collection area. Unload features include input belt or basket shelf. NCR FastLane offers in–lane upgradeability to protect the retailer’s investment.


Motorola MC 75 HandheldFastLane Mini

Small and Powerful

The NCR FastLane Mini is ideally suited for space-constrained retail formats as well as checkouts within departments. Introduced in 2006, the NCR FastLane Mini is the smallest, fully featured checkout system on the market.

Flexible and Functional in a Compact Footprint

The NCR FastLane Mini features one bagging location with a security scale, providing the same item security features included in all other FastLane configurations. The NCR FastLane Mini supports a full range of tendering capabilities including cash, credit cards, debit cards and other electronic payments.


Motorola MC 75 HandheldSelfServ Remote Attendant

Flexible Monitoring

Effective monitoring of self-checkout transactions is critical to success. The NCR SelfServ portfolio offers flexible, efficient and easy-to-use monitoring tools.

Monitor and Assist

NCR SelfServ Remote Attendant tools allow the attendant to monitor and assist with transactions from the self-checkout lane via a standalone podium or a mobile hand-held PDA. NCR SelfServ Remote Attendant also uses the lane tri-light to notify store personnel when a consumer needs assistance.