Advanced Checkout Solution

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Customized Flexibility

Offering superior promotion flexibility, ACS-IR can be customized for larger retailers or packaged for smaller ones. ACS-IR does not require an extensive IT staff and offers a wide range of back office compatibilities.

Higher Cashier Productivity with Lower Training Costs

With highly refined cashier and consumer interfaces, retailers using ACS-IR typically experience increased productivity of 15 to 25 percent and reduced training time of up to 75 percent.

Customizable or Packaged Solution

Designed for customization, ACS-IR allows retailers to change almost any aspect of the system. ACS-IR offers an extensive set of options and tools to customize front-end and back office screens, receipt, customer display and much more.

Powerful, Differentiated Promotions

ACS-IR provides a Consumer Marketing (CM) module to implement powerful promotional pricing programs with or without a shopper loyalty card. CM helps retailers implement customized loyalty programs to attract and retain the most profitable customers.