MicroSale Hospitality

Superior Versatility

MicroSale has an extensive array of easy-to-use features that can be configured to adapt to all hospitality environments from fine dining to concession stands.

Easily Manageable

Menu changes and daily specials are easy to enter into the system. All changes can be done while your restaurant is open and can be done without shutting down terminals.

Selected menu items can automatically count down as items are sold to “86”.

Cost Effective

MicroSale is the “Biggest Bang for your Buck”. The POS system is designed to enhance productivity, reduce confusion, and eliminate errors, giving you a quick return on investment.

Labor Management

We are in an age of automation.  The problem with automating time clocks and payrolls is employees rarely “sign off” on their time, making disputes of pay time consuming to resolve. Employees will be able to acknowledge their hours after each shift and communicate any discrepancies to management before the end of the pay period.

Preventative Methods

Monitor potential profit loss issues immediately via text message alerts. Also available, MicroSale’s Quick Service Error Correct Function will only delete the last item off a check without manager approval. 

Watch transactions in action with surveillance software and digital recorders.  Recall footage based on a check number or the name of your cashier/bartender.

Service & Communication

It is easier than ever to get  through a busy rush using Conversational Ordering and Preselects. MicroSale is designed to walk an employee through the order process, increasing accuracy, efficiency, and speed of service.


MicroSale can be transformed into ‘your’ system.  All skins can be changed to any logo or background.  Manager access can display a bright red background to draw attention.  This shows that whoever is in the system is using a manager’s ID. 

Buttons can do more than change color: change shape from oval to square, small to large, and even add your own pictures!

Added Control

  • Receive various reports automatically via email
  • Require items to be on a check before sending the order to the kitchen (e.g. drinks)
  • Use the time clock window to prevent employees from clocking in too early or clocking out too late without manager approval
  • Receive an auto-generated report if your tip percentages do not meet minimum wage requirements. No need to go searching through your employees ‘ claimed tips!
  • Display reminders on terminal screens such as “turn on the lights” at a specific time. If the message is not acknowledged, it will send an alert saying “your message was not received”
  • Protect your business from underage alcohol sales. MicroSale can require a license or ID to be swiped before ringing in alcoholic beverages.

Customer Relations

MicroSale provides customer relationship functionality that allows you to manage your customers and their spending habits.  All call in orders are saved into a database allowing you to see order frequency, date of last order, items ordered, and personal information.  By bringing your POS and CRM together, you will be able to track your customers’ spending, offer coupons based on habits, and use direct marketing.

Mobilize your POS

Now there is no need to hand write tickets before relaying information to the computer.  MicroSale’s tablet application mirrors the functionality and layout of stationary terminals.

Fire orders directly at the table.   This means faster ticket times and a more intimate customer ordering experience.

Compatible with iPad, Android, PDA and Tablet PCs.