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Toshiba SurePOS 500toshiba surePOS 500

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  • Same sleek, slim design
  • New Model 570 provides new HDD and SSD storage options, faster CPU, greater memory capacity
  • Cutting edge, infrared touchscreen with resistive touch sensitivity1
  • Energy-saving deep sleep2
  • New Model 570 provides additional energy savings via 80 Plus Gold Power Supply
  • Tool free design and Toshiba Light-Path Management1
  • Advanced security features
  • Environment friendly packaging

A satisfying store experience helps create Advocates ... consumers who have increased spending with their primary retailer by 31 percent over the last two years.3

Deliver a smarter shopping experience

Now more than ever, consumers are looking for differentiation when choosing their retailers. They expect a higher level of satisfaction—better service, better prices, better quality and convenience. Access to product information and fast, accurate transactions, performed by capable, informed employees are vital to a positive experience and help promote customer loyalty.

Toshiba SurePOS 700toshiba surePOS 700

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  • NEW! Superior Intel® technology for higher performance to handle the most advanced applications with blazing speeds
  • NEW! Enhanced graphics for training videos and for compelling customer-facing marketing
  • NEW! More energy savings – 15 to 30 percent more energy efficient1
  • Unique, easy-to-wake deep sleep saves another 47 percent on energy costs2
  • Tool free, front entry access reduces service time and cost
  • IBM Remote Management Agent enables system and device management from a central location

Elevate customer service like never before

The IBM SurePOS™ 700 is the industry’s premier point-of-sale solution for enabling high-quality business applications and services while reducing costs and complexity. Designed for retail, the IBM SurePOS 700 has the muscle for fast transactions and the brains to deliver unparalleled value.

Toshiba TCxWavetoshiba TCxWave

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  • Wider screen brings new display and interaction opportunities
  • Versatile configuration enables a seamless brand look and customer experience
  • Attractive design complements the brand experience
  • Intuitive, quick-to-learn touch technology maximizes associate productivity
  • Retail-hardened design and robustness delivers reliability in mission-critical store environments

Today’s retailers understand that sustainable success depends on delivering a consistent and differentiated brand experience throughout the customer journey. Nowhere is this more important than the place where the majority of transactions are still carried out: the store.

Retailers need point of sale (POS) technology that can support the versatility, style and functionality that a modern store environment demands. That can adapt easily to the changing demands of customers. That can bring new impact to the customer experience. And that can give timely, consistent service to consumers and associates throughout the shopping journey.

TCxWave by Toshiba is a new breed of retail system created to give retailers the freedom to use one platform for multiple purposes throughout the store. TCxWave has the flexibility, performance and distinctive design that global retailers have come to trust from the team that continues to produce the Number 1 store solutions in the industry.