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Motorola MC 75 HandheldWM-4000 Wrapper

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Good for packing house. 10.4' color LCD touch panel. Automatic film changing. Detachable and washable in feed table and lifts. Automatic tray identification & centering. Free arm Labeling. 35 packs/min.

The CCD camera automatically identifies the tray as soon as it is placed on the in-feed table. Wrapping conditions and tare weight are set automatically and any fluctuation in commodity tray placement is corrected by the centering conveyor.

Both label roll and film roll loading can be performed by accessing the front of the machine eliminating space requirements at either side of the wrapper. The label roll holder is accommodated on a sliding chassis which can be fully extended for loading. For film setting, simply hung the film edge on the supplied hook and the film is automatically set in the machine.

A label is pasted on the tray by the free arm in any location (top, bottom, left, right, vertically or horizontally). Additionally, the free arm is designed to provide delicate and reliable labeling through the use of a built-in sensor that senses the pressure at the leading edge of the label to prevent unnecessary impact with the film and commodity.



Motorola MC 75 HandheldWM-Nano Wrapper

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World's smallest semi-automatic weighing/wrapping/labeling machine

The WM-Nano is the ideal solution for grocers and markets with limited space needing high performance and consistent wrapping.





Motorola MC 75 HandheldUni-7 RP Wrapper

The Uni-7 RP offers flexibility and functionality for multiple working conditions. Uni-7 RP with remote scale base is the perfect model to integrate with stretch film wrapping machines and manual hand-wrapping stations.

Positive input response means operators feel a tactile sensation and hear a beep when the screen or a button is pressed. Receipt, label, scanner and cash drawer connections are standard features, and the front-loading label cassette saves time and space. The Uni-7 RP can communicate with other Uni-7 models and PCs via Ethernet communication.


Motorola MC 75 HandheldBC-4000L2i/Ei

Networking capabilities and user-friendly operation make the BC-4000 series with remote scale base systems ideal for prepack operations.

This series has two display types at various price points. Choose from multiple label formats for increased productivity and versatility. With standard Ethernet or optional wireless connectivity, the BC-4000 offers extraordinary power at an exceptional value.