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NCR High Performance Scanner

NCR RealPOS 60RealPOS 7878 High Performance Bi-Optic Scanner

As a leading provider of POS scanner technology, NCR continues to innovate. Part of NCR’s POS scanner portfolio, the NCR RealPOS™ High Performance Bi-Optic Scanner/Scale is designed to provide superior operational performance, flexibility and investment protection.

Leading edge performance

NCR's Optical Effects Technology sets a new standard for scan pattern density to capture and read all bar codes. This results in a productivity boost for all users – novice, experienced and self-checkout.

The solution leverages a single footprint design – one model supports a scanner, a scale, and Sensormatic® functionality – which meets current requirements with the flexibility to address future needs.

Intuitive cashier and consumer interface

The customizable scan adviser, leveraging five bright LEDs, provides intuitive cashier feedback regardless of checkout distractions. And the use of peripheral vision, colors and patterns is ideal for hearing impaired cashiers.

Designed for easy serviceability to shorten repair times and ensure that lanes are up and running.


NCR RealPOS 60RealPOS 7878 High Performance Bi-Optic Hybrid Scanner

NCR's hybrid POS scanner technology combines laser scan lines with progressive imaging. Simply put, the hybrid POS scanner can quickly scan traditional 1D bar codes and manage 2D bar codes from ID cards or mobile devices.

This hybrid POS scanner seamlessly scans bar codes for cashiers as well as in self-checkout lanes, allowing the user to scan all symbologies at a single scanner. both the lasers and imager work in conjunction to search out the bar code.

The scanner transparently passes on the information, regardless of which technology detects the bar code first—there are no buttons to push or scanning modes to worry about. This allows the POS scanner to leverage the high-performance lasers to carry the bulk of your daily scanning, while offering the flexibility of accepting mobile coupons and mobile loyalty, as well as driver’s licenses and other 2D bar code scanning.


NCR Presentation Scanner

NCR RealPOS 60RealPOS 7884 Single-Window Scanner

As a leading provider of POS scanner technology, NCR continues to innovate. Part of NCR’s POS scanner portfolio, the NCR RealPOS™ Single-Window Scanner is designed to improve checkout productivity for your store. 

Improves checkout productivity

The POS scanner features an aggressive, 30-line omni-directional scan pattern designed to improve productivity for both new and experienced cashiers. To further improve ease of use, the cashier interface offers a customizable scan advisor leveraging five bright LEDs, which communicate scanner status and successful scans.

Provides a robust scanning solution

While utilizing the industry standard footprint and available vertical and horizontal mounting options, this single-window scanner also offers a terminal power option and auxiliary RS-232 and USB ports for additional connectivity. In the case of a problem label, the high performance scan pattern, combined with NCR’s patented PACESETTER software, quickly recognizes and corrects label defects.


NCR RealPOS 60RealPOS 7893 Presentation Scanner

The NCR RealPOS™ Presentation Scanner offers a versatile  solution that’s flexible enough for any retail space.

The NCR RealPOS Presentation Scanner brings high performance  scanning in a compact footprint to any convenience, specialty  or pharmacy environment.

Flexible solution for fast checkouts

By leveraging an omnidirectional scan pattern in such a  small footprint, the NCR RealPOS Presentation Scanner enables  presentation scanning as well as pass-by scanning, perfect  for counter use and presenting to oversized packages.

Overcome scanning  challenges

Using adaptive label reconstruction, the NCR RealPOS Presentation Scanner decodes misprinted, wrinkled or damaged bar codes and then reconstructs them, providing the point of sale with accurate  bar code information which improves the checkout process.

Provides a robust scanning solution

The cost of on-site service can be expensive, especially when  dealing with scanner updates and troubleshooting. The NCR  RealPOS Presentation Scanner uses NCR Scanner Data Management Tools to facilitate updates and configuration changes remotely. In addition, scan doctor speech diagnostics paired with the scan advisor multicolor LED can easily guide the user through simple troubleshooting steps to keep your lanes up and running.