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TechKnow OCS-300 Order Confirmation SystemOCS-300 Order Confirmation System

The Techknow OCS-300 Drive-Thru Order Confirmation System is the only system in the industry to use a 17 inch liquid crystal display. This unique feature allows the OCS-300 to display up to 25 lines of text without scrolling. The OCS-300 also displays easily programmable full-screen POP graphics enticing your customers to purchase items directly at the point-of-purchase. It is also 100% viewable, even in direct sunlight.

TechKnow OCS-300 Order Confirmation SystemTechKnow OCS-300 Order Confirmation System









TechKnow CTS-1000 Drive Thru System

Not just a drive-thru timer, but a complete drive-thru performance system. In the QSR industry, time can cost you money and loss of business. Keep track of your drive-thru's performance with the best simplified system on the market. 

The CTS-1000 with its 17 inch LCD provides an animated, visually enhanced system that displays all "critical" information in a visual format. Clear, concise and simple graphics communicate information about the store's drive-thru performance. Combined with our unique analytic statistical software you are able to identify and set realistic goals that energize and reward employees performance and exceed customers expectations in this competitive field.

With a glance you can identify:

  • The number of cars in your drive-thru.
  • Bottlenecks in your drive-thru.
  • Cars that exceed goals set by day part.
  • Potential road blocks to performance.
  • The preview loop option gives you advanced warning to prepare for a rush.