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Automations Epic Video Controller

QSR’s ePic video controller sets the industry standard for open ethernet kitchen display hardware. Today, thousands of restaurant businesses reliably power their kitchen displays with the ePic controller.

The proven record of QSR’s ePic controller speaks to its reliability, flexibility, and ease of maintenance. Built specifically for the harshest restaurant kitchens, the ePic controller provides an industrialized construction with no moving parts or fans to bring in grease-filled air as well as the ability to operate at high temperature levels. In addition to the ethernet and locking power connections and the PS/2 connection for the keypad, the ePic controller also supports touch screen monitors and serial printers.

Eliminating any single point of failure (other than the hub), within the kitchen, one ePic controller is used at each kitchen display station. Each ePic controller is connected via standard ethernet cable within the existing restaurant POS system network. The system provides automated fail-over in the event of an outage, with no human intervention required. Additionally, the kitchen display hardware can be swapped out in real-time should a change need to be made during the course of the day.


KP-7500 keypad and TouchBump: Durable Bump Bars

Building on more than fifteen years of bump bar engineering excellence, the highly reliable KP-7500™ keypad ships with an unmatched three-year hardware limited warranty. With twenty programmable keys, the KP-7500 provides a sophisticated key technology that offers an enhanced tactile feel and a proven thirty million pushes.

The durable KP-7500 is grease, moisture, and heat resistant with an enclosure made of the same type of resin used in automotive engine compartments, purpose-built metal top secured for long life, extruded and sealed design, and conformal coated circuit board. Robust and flexible, the KP-7500 can be easily and cost-effectively installed in the working areas of the kitchen, mounted on tabletop, shelf, or wall. Adding to its solid construction and flexibility, restaurants have the choice of configuring any or all of the KP-7500’s twenty keys, and customizable overlays can be easily slid into place under the specialized metal top without the use of tools.

  The resilient key technology of the KP-7500 consistently functions with less than perfect pushes, offering the user an immediate response with a “click” feel. The KP-7500 also offers a key press activity light to further eliminate extra pushes as well as a cable stress relief design for foolproof connections and easier implementations. The KP-7500 uses either a standard PS/2 or USB connection. Additionally, the KP-7500 provides sound with on/off and frequency control through QSR’s ConnectSmart ControlPoint hardware management tool, which users can rely on to remotely control the KP-7500.


ePic Kitchen Display Software: Robust Kitchen Management Software

Designed to run optimally with QSR’s durable kitchen controllers, our robust and flexible ePic Kitchen Display Software (ePic KDS) answers the needs of all restaurant concepts and multi-concepts from one customizable solution.

Adding to the power of completely definable kitchen display station screens, the ePic KDS kitchen management software offers unlimited routing options and customizable display attributes. And the ePic KDS configuration can be altered in real-time to operate differently as restaurant conditions change throughout the day or week. The ePic KDS helps manage kitchen activities by gathering important operational data and events in real-time that can be used to improve the speed and efficiency of the restaurant. Average service times are displayed on the header of each kitchen screen, and all actions are captured and time-stamped for historical reporting purposes. Highly reliable and with unmatched redundancy, the ePic KDS also provides added features to handle situations automatically should a system failure occur in the mission critical kitchen.

Advanced capabilities and key benefits include:

  • Feature rich and infinitely configurable to meet the specific business needs of any restaurant concept
  • Proactively manage based on real-time information and historical data
  • Advanced reliability, redundancy, recoverability eliminates unnecessary system down time
  • Quick service restaurants rely on unique features such as add-on items, special sorting capabilities for items and sub-items, and bin management to enhance order accuracy, reduce food waste, make training faster and easier, and improve guest service
  • Fast casual and pizza restaurants display tent cards or customer names, use countdown timers, and leverage bump-to routing for made-to-order dishes that require multiple stages of preparation in order to improve service times, enhance guest interactions, and ensure fresh, quality meals
  • Table service restaurants leverage sophisticated item routing to send items to the appropriate prep station based on cook times so all items in an order complete at the same time, simplifying kitchen management, reducing ticket times, reducing training times, and improving food quality