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RealPOS  Thermal Printers

NCR RealPOS 7197RealPOS 7197

Fits Anywhere

The NCR RealPOS 7197 Thermal Receipt Printer is designed to fit all retail environments, especially demanding hospitality and kitchen environments. With a small footprint, the NCR RealPOS 7197 is flexible and versatile.

Fast Thermal Printing for Performance and Reliability

The NCR RealPOS 7197 delivers fast performance, among the best-in-class, with up to 50 print lines per second. The NCR RealPOS 7197 thermal printer provides quiet operation and superior reliability - tested and certified for operation in the toughest of retail and kitchen environments.

Ease of Operation

Your customers cannot wait during paper jams and loading. With the NCR RealPOS 7197, no paper threading is required. Just lift the lid, drop in the paper roll and begin printing - an innovation brought to the POS market by NCR.

NCR RealPOS PrintersRealPOS 7167

The NCR RealPOS Multifunction Printer delivers fast, reliable and quiet receipt and paper form printing

Impact store productivity and focus on selling with the intelligent design and operator-friendly features of the NCR RealPOS Multifunction POS Printer.

Provides speed and flexibility

You can quickly finalize transactions for your customers with the NCR RealPOS Multifunction POS Printer’s high-speed thermal technology that prints up to 52 lines per second. High-resolution printing supports multiple barcode symbologies to simplify returns and minimize fraud with barcoded receipts.

Improves productivity at the checkout

The NCR RealPOS Multifunction Printer offers advanced check-handling features that reduce cost and improve cashier productivity at the checkout. An optional check MICR reader enables quick and reliable check validation. With check-flip, you can print on both sides with single insertion check handling, minimizing human intervention.

Offers an intelligent and intuitive design

NCR human factors engineering studies show that the NCR RealPOS Multifunction Printer is easy and intuitive to operate. Your operators are more productive and your employees can focus on what’s important —your customers!

Keeps your lanes up and running

The NCR RealPOS Multifunction Printer is designed for the harshest retail environments. Unlike other printers that use DIP switches, all programming can be done through a single button that guides the user through the diagnostic process. Paired with its modular serviceability, repairs are fast and economical.


RealPOS Dual Sided Thermal Printers

NCR RealPOS 7198RealPOS 7198

Two at a Time

The NCR RealPOS 7198 Two-Sided Receipt Printer takes retail point-of-sale printing to the next level with the capability to simultaneously print on both sides of the receipt.

Expand Your Two-Sided Printing Options

The 7198 is the second printer offering in the two-sided thermal (2ST) family of printers and is designed for those markets and regions where slip printing is not required.

Save Time, Money and the Environment at the Front End

2ST printing provides an overall paper investment savings, an enhanced advertising vehicle by allowing affordable one color printing on one side of the receipt and increases customer satisfaction by providing a more manageable receipt. Additionally, less paper usage shows retailers' commitment to the environment.

Smooth Transition from Current NCR Printing Environments

The new NCR RealPOS 7198 is designed with the same footprint and functionality as the current NCR RealPOS 7197 Receipt Printer models, making it easy to integrate the new printer into an existing 7197 environment.

NCR RealPOS 7168RealPOS 7168

The NCR RealPOS Two-Sided Multifunction Printer is the next generation in receipt printing

The company that invented the point-of-sale printer receipt now takes thermal printing to the next generation with two-sided thermal (2ST® ) receipt printing technology. By simultaneously printing both sides of the receipt, you improve efficiency, promote products and services within your store and deliver improved customer satisfaction.

Save time, money and trees at the front end

Use up to 45% less paper with the NCR RealPOS Two-Sided Multifunction POS Printer. Improve productivity with fewer printer roll changes, especially during busy peak times. In addition, save between 5-25% on your annual receipt paper investment, including freight and storage costs. A twelve-lane supermarket can potentially save 15-75 trees per year!

Promote your brand to your customers

With ample memory to store corporate logos and graphics, you’ll have an enhanced advertising vehicle that allows you to control and update your communication by transaction or by store. The three one-sided color options help draw attention to your promotions, in blue, black or red.

Deliver improved customer satisfaction and return on investment

Your customers will love the shorter, more manageable receipts instead of the long, bulky traditional receipts. In addition, NCR protects your current point-of-sale hardware investment by giving you access to the latest high-speed thermal printer technology.

Seamless transition from your current printer

NCR designed this next-generation printer with the same footprint and functionality as the current one-sided version. In addition, upgrades are easy with multiple connection options and IBM emulation.