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Motorola MC 75 HandheldSLP-V (Versatile) Scale Management Software

Sophisticated PLU management made simple. SLP-V joins individual scales to in-store computer/POS servers, as well as to central hosting computer networks. Compatible with Windows® operating systems, SLP-V is loaded with features that simplify data management and product control.

Enter and maintain item data and price changes. Import and export ASCII delimited files for seamless integration and continued operation.

Set up zone pricing for multiple store locations to multiple scales. Automatic price distribution to all scales allows fast response to competitive pricing. By using password protection and user profiles, store managers determine who can make changes who can simply view screens.

SLP-V is priced far less than similar PLU management software – yet with an array of reporting capabilities and powerful item updating tools, watching product movement has never been easier..

  • Standard Features TCP/IP Ethernet and RS-232 communication
  • Scheduler provides automated communications
  • Nutritional support including trans fat
  • Export production totals data
  • PLU search by name or number
  • Customizable PLU entry screen
  • Pull-down screen menus
  • Price and tare weight zones
  • Print operator keysheets
  • Password protection and user profiles
  • Customizable PLU report
  • One database file per department
  • Supports Uni-7 Series, SR-2000a, AC-4000 Series, BC-4000 Series, OMNi-4000, IL-2000, IL-EMZ, IP-EMZ, AC-3000* Series, DP-3000*, WPL-3000*, OMNi-3000*, BC-3000.
    * Requires communication option