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Improve order speed, customer service and sales with PAR EverServ® PixelPoint POS solution.

Whether you’re operating a quick service restaurant (QSR), fast casual or fine dining restaurant, PAR EverServ PixelPoint POS offers robust features in an easy to implement and easy to use solution. PAR has more than 30 years experience in the restaurant POS business and more than 50,000 installations in 110 countries worldwide. Leveraging its rich technology and industry expertise, PAR has designed its PixelPoint software to meet the changing needs of restaurant operators. Built on a commercial grade SQL database, PAR developed EverServ PixelPoint based on four core principles: adaptability, modularity, scalability and usability. PixelPoint is quick to configure, fast to implement and easy to use. The bottom line in your operation is to provide a rewarding experience for your patrons. PixelPoint helps you achieve that goal, as it is simply easier to train your staff, easier for your staff to quickly and accurately place orders, and easier for your managers to accurately track and compile sales and inventory information. PixelPoint allows everyone in your operation to better serve your customers and make the best use of your investment.