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PAR EverServ 500PAR TABLEt 8

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Using our 35 years of experience in the hospitality and retail industries, PAR is introducing a tablet that is specifically designed for your environment. The PAR Tablet 8 is designed with the specifications and components that offer the optimal combination of features to meet the mobile needs of your hos- pitality or retail operation.

Whether you are looking to extend your POS solution, enhance customer experience or improve the efficiency of your opera- tions, the PAR Tablet 8 is the ideal fit. The tablet is the perfect balance of size and reliability, easily being held in one hand. With the tablet you will have the mobility you’ve been looking for with the durability and elegance your environment demands.

In addition, with the compatibility to current PAR Peripherals and systems, the tablet provides limitless possibilities for your operation.



PAR EverServ 500EverServ 500

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Maximize space and savings with the sleek and economical PAR EverServ® 500 POS terminal.

PAR EverServ 500 POS hardware is built with the same rugged durability PAR is known for but in a compact design that delivers the performance and reliability you need. Its small footprint is ideal for installations where space is at a premium. The design offers a spill resistant, high-impact enclosure that is built to withstand tough restaurant and retail conditions with continuous operation. The EverServ 500’s fan-less design is quiet, offers low power consumption and minimizes maintenance.

PAR EverServ 500











PAR EverServ 7200PAR EverServ 7200

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Advanced Design, Proven Reliability: EverServ 7200 Point of Sale Hardware

Selecting the right POS hardware for your business is an important decision that impacts the level of service you provide your guests for many years. While your business requires a POS system that is super rugged and has the reliability you can count on, you don’t want a POS terminal that detracts from your company’s image. Now you can have a POS terminal with the best of both worlds – elegant AND durable!

The totally redesigned PAR EverServ 7000 family of POS hardware is built with the samePAR EverServ 7200

rugged durability PAR is known for but in an innovative, sleek design that delivers the performance you need. The EverServ 7200 is built to perform in harsh environments that involve rough treatment and liquid spills. The sleek, contemporary design of the 7200 makes it the perfect choice for image conscious operators. The high performance next-gen architecture of the 7200 supports demanding applications and delivers the speed you need to improve customer throughput.