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Flexible & Powerful Restaurant POS Software

Industry Leading Flexibility – PixelPoint is easy to customize and configure to fit your operations. It has the ability to manage multiple restaurant concepts and multiple ordering methods (counter, mobile, online, catering, drive-thru, etc.). Key flexible design features include:

  • Versatile Receipt Design – Fully customizable receipt   template with support for inclusion of coupons and   third-party add-ons.
  • Fully Customizable Branding – Template based UI   designer makes it easy to brand your screen layouts    with your color scheme, logos and preferences. You   can also modify labels, buttons and placement to match your concept’s terminology.
  • International Capabilities – Accommodates international languages and currencies.

Increase Sales

Auto Combo up-sells – As items are ordered, PixelPoint automatically recognizes potential combos and uses suggestive selling pop-up buttons to ensure employees never miss the opportunity to up-sell a combo. PixelPoint sets you up for success.

Employee Contests – PixelPoint’s employee sales contest feature enables you to set-up and track sales contests to motivate and reward servers for suggestive selling that result in increased sales. PixelPoint helps motivate servers to up-sell.

Increase Speed of Service

Kitchen Video System – PixelPoint works with multiple kitchen video display vendors to improve the food preparation process. Video displays are easy to read and track orders, eliminate potential problems caused by printer jams or paper falling off the holder, and provide enhanced reporting capabilities.

Effcient Order Flow – PixelPoint’s intelligent order flow and intuitive screen layouts enable you to customize the user interface to suit your logical customer order process and the “display at once” feature lists all questions & options on the display at once to accelerate your order process and sales. PixelPoint is easily customized for your order process. 

Reduce Labor Costs

Easy Training – The easy-to-use PixelPoint POS application reduces the time it takes to train new employees. The training mode allows staff to practice on a live system without affecting daily receipts. PixelPoint helps effciently manage labor costs.

Versatile Menu Management – Built to accommodate the most demanding menu layouts, PixelPoint’s menu management feature makes it easy to design virtually unlimited menus, program conversational order flows, configure modified pricing based on schedules and make real-time updates across the store. PixelPoint saves time developing and updating menus.

Reduce Food Waste

Inventory Management – PixelPoint includes a built-in inventory management feature that allows you to track and manage food costs. PixelPoint helps manage food costs.

PAR EverServ® PixelPoint®

With the latest release of PixelPoint V12, managing restaurant operations is even easier with more choices and capabilities to run your business better.

Reduced Initial Investment – The PixelPoint POS software license is now available as a subscription option (monthly fee). Restaurants now have the option to experience a proven and full-feature PixelPoint POS through a low monthly fee or the traditional perpetual license option.

Simplified Web-based Activation – PixelPoint V12 and all future versions can be activated via the internet and licensed faster.

Extended Mobile POS Capabilities – PixelPoint makes it a perfect fit for extending POS mobility to wait staff using the latest tablets and can be integrated with online ordering (via third-parties) from consumer smart-phones. PAR WebView also provides mobile access to HeadOffce Cloud dashboards and reports for restaurant operators and managers.

Advanced Security, Compliance and Fiscal Features – A new and extensive set of configurable security and compliance features provides the flexibility that POS integrators and customers need to meet the ever-changing global payment, fiscal and labor compliance demands. The new features enable companies to design a single complete POS solution for a concept or brand to meet compliance demands across multiple municipalities, states, provinces and countries.

Operations Capabilities

Back Office - PixelPoint includes a fully integrated store level back offce capability with intuitive menus for set-up and multiple POS terminal management.

Reporting – PixelPoint V12 includes a new QueryBuilder tool to simplify the creation of custom reports with more than 50 standard reports added to the report library.

Operational Alerts – PixelPoint sends alerts to management through the display or email when specific conditions are met that require intervention.

Expanded Capabilities

Gift Card – Includes a gift card module and integration certi- fication for multiple industry leading gift card suppliers.

Coupons – Versatile promotion and coupon capabilities with support for bar and QR code scanning.

Loyalty Programs – PixelPoint has built-in store level loyalty and house account capabilities and is expandable to multiple stores with the optional HeadOffce application. Built-in APIs allow flexibility for integration to multiple 3rd party loyalty programs.

3rd Party Integration – PixelPoint is an open solution with a rapidly expanding list of interfaces and peripherals to enable system integrators to build their own extensions with PixelPoint POS at the core.

System Platform

Commercial Database – Built on a proven commercial grade SQL database.

Scalable – Supports sites with a single terminal or up to 30+ terminals and can accommodate large restaurant chains.

Not CPU Intensive – Requiring minimal system resources, PixelPoint is compatible with many existing POS hardware environments.

Compatible – PixelPoint is compatible with all current Windows® based hardware platforms.